So here we are…


I’ve always meant to start a blog.

Wrestling with Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, Squarespace, et cetera; you quickly give up when you can’t find the perfect solution quickly. So I just went all in. And here we are.

In past formats, I’ve searched for perfection in writing as well as posting. Very rarely will you find that here. This is an outlet. As such, I’ll likely use broken English and make bad use of the language I call native.

In essence, this will be a place for thoughts, opinions, photographs I’ve taken, creative I enjoy or have made, and anything else that fits into my spectrum. I’m sure you’re here because you’ve seen my stuff elsewhere— therefore, I’m assuming you know I’m big on the soccer thing. This will revolve around the soccer thing. Likely with sprinklings of ideas, art, travel and friends. I’ll fill out some posts as soon as possible with photos I’ve taken over the last couple years.

Here’s hoping I stick with it this time. I’m also on Bloglovin. If you’re into that kind of thing.